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Mandala Art - An Art Form That is Zen To Create

Yes, believe it or not but the mere creation of Mandalas is extremely relaxing; sometimes energizing depending on the form and color of Mandala being created.
They have an intriguing beauty because of the intense ornamentation and the differing Geometrical types and styles of Mandala. It is an art form I truly love doing and yet I must admit I keep saying "No more of these", but they are addictive!
This weeks offerings is quite varied as you can see.

Okay, that isn't a mandala but I like how it turned out :)

Oooops, neither is that a Mandala but I think you might like it.

That is quite a week of work, don't you agree? Of course you do :)
Have a Beautiful Weekend and Relax - Buy some Prints - aka click on images above.
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Love Or Love - There Are Many Types

Many people may have noticed that recently I do a lot of works with flowers as a main theme. There is a reason why, but here is not the place to tell it. I just want my readers to know that love is often times one of the most difficult, or most impossible emotion to show from a distance, but this is my way. It is not romantic love that motivates me, but a love that lived way before we were old enough for romantic love, and even if or when romantic love dies, this love within every petal lives on forever.

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Crazy Artist With A Week Of Color To Harm Your Eyes

I keep saying I am rather a subdued artist in tone and color, but now and then there's this thing that kind of jumps out and says "make me stand out". Now I don't hear voices as a general rule, but on a par with other artists I think we all have a bit of crazy within.
What's so wrong with a bit of crazy anyway? It's creative, kind of over the top eccentrically mad, and generally very much loners. What choice do we have but to be alone????
Do you want to stand still all day while I create my art? Didn't think so :)

Did that hurt your eyes? Hmm, sorry - not!

But even you don't mind the crazy color in a sunset do you? Ha!

Ok, so I lied a little :=) This one isn't hyper-saturated - it's my masterpiece of the week in my never so humble opinion of course.
So come visit my portfolio and see what I've been up to!
Happy Weekend.
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Are You Enjoying Autumn?

Yes, I am very much into seasons at the moment - don't ask me why as I really have no idea as to why I do what I do at a given time.
Even if I did I don't think it would interest many people because art is so subjective, which is why I subject you to mine :) But really, the ideas are all within the images.

Aren't the colors and tones of Autumn beautiful?
Click the image to see a larger view - and brighten up your home with some warm Autumn images.
Happy Weekend!
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