Saturday, 13 September 2014

Crazy Artist With A Week Of Color To Harm Your Eyes

I keep saying I am rather a subdued artist in tone and color, but now and then there's this thing that kind of jumps out and says "make me stand out". Now I don't hear voices as a general rule, but on a par with other artists I think we all have a bit of crazy within.

What's so wrong with a bit of crazy anyway? It's creative, kind of over the top eccentrically mad, and generally very much loners. What choice do we have but to be alone????

Do you want to stand still all day while I create my art? Didn't think so :)

Art Prints

Did that hurt your eyes? Hmm, sorry - not!

Art Prints

But even you don't mind the crazy color in a sunset do you? Ha!

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Ok, so I lied a little :=) This one isn't hyper-saturated - it's my masterpiece of the week in my never so humble opinion of course.

So come visit my portfolio and see what I've been up to!

Happy Weekend.