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Fascination With Ship Art - With A Discount For You!

Once again I have been beset by another fixation; this time on ships. In truth this has been going on for some time and many were left unfinished for rainy days, or simply awaiting inspiration from my muse. After a couple of months I finally finished "some" of my ship art.

Each are in different mediums with a couple that are purely hand digitally painted photographs rather artistically designed with textures and effects. Others are paintings from reference material, and then again there are a couple of rather distinctive vintage style images that were designed to look very old - oh how I love mixing media and using traditional paintings layered with digital effects - it's so much fun and very much like creating one's own movie set with all the different effects that can be worked up. Yes, it takes time, a long time to do it this way, but I find it most rewarding.

Whilst the image above does not have the tall ship as a main focal point it was an artwork where I wan…

Vintage Fruit Preserves - The Prints Plus Free Textures Just For You

Vintage Fruit And Vegetable Preserves are a few painted photographs of selected vegetables and fruit where color delights the senses and the tastebuds. All colors are very slightly muted to create a Vintage era effect where more people preserved what they grew or shared in towns and villages.

There is very little extreme fine detail as I wanted the overall effect of color and aged authenticity to dominate - besides which, ordinary food images are bountiful and I like to be au contraire and really do love the vintage era.

I hope you like my luscious jars of fruits and vegetables and think about making some of your own, and if not - there's always a print. :)

Textures - you like free textures? Of course, who doesn't?
The textures you can click on - this will take you to my website and click the image again and download "full size resolution". They are quite large and all are rather vintage in style. I hope some of my readers enjoy these, and if so, please share my blo…

Painting And My Longing For Storms And Skies

No, I don't mean I literally wish to live in constant storms, but I have a deep fascination with how they affect the sky during different phases of the storm or even a simple change in weather pattern.  Take the below as an example -:

These are the type of images I love to paint.  Either that or my creative brain is going through a change of wanting to paint sky after sky.  I've no idea of where these thoughts come from, or even the longing to keep doing this, but it seems my fascination with skies is quite deeply embedded.  I don't really see anything wrong with it.  Some people only ever paint flowers or landscapes, so here is me wanting to paint skies.  
Is there such a thing as a sky painter?  Personally I've not heard of one, which may just place me in the strange category, but I think most people have worked out I'm a wee bit different by now, and if they haven't then they have now :)  
What would you think of an artist who wanted to paint skies and nothing…

One Week Of Vector Mixed Media

One Week Of Vector Mixed Media - HMmm. Let me tell you - it's tiring work. This won't be a long post because I am literally falling asleep and I don't want to be rude or appear so for lack of paying attention to you, my Dear Readers.

Japanese Colorful Lady is an Artistic Vector Artwork which is bold,colorful and very cheerful. Parts of the design are art nouveau in style and yet are still very modern-contemporary in both design and style.
This art work is also available in black and whiite and sepia. I do not do this with most artworks, but with Vector Designs people seem to have a different taste in color or lack of color. I think I like the color in this work, then again.......
Click To View The Print

Retro Geisha Girl is a design of vector and watercolor layers placed into the theme of a contemporary portrait featuring a Geisha Girl and older Retro Colors.
Click Link Below To See The Print Retro Geisha Girl
If you wish to see more of my vector designs in either digital or m…

Vintage Cracked Rose - My Love Of Vintage Art Continues

Vintage Cracked Rose is an artistic representation of a highly processed photograph of a beautiful super macro rose. It was originally red but I was seeking an image that represented the changing of eras but still within keeping of the beauty of the rose. Black and White, or even sepia seems to hit that sweet spot for me. The image is post processed to create a film grained and cracked appearance which is rather 3D in appearance. A very vintage style natural hand created cracked texture has been placed in between layers of grain and cracks giving an old, and yet still very modern appearance.
If you wish to purchase a print of the absolutely stunningly beautiful vintage cracked rose you can click the link below and simply make your selection :)
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