Thursday, 30 October 2014

Fascination With Ship Art - With A Discount For You!

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Once again I have been beset by another fixation; this time on ships. In truth this has been going on for some time and many were left unfinished for rainy days, or simply awaiting inspiration from my muse. After a couple of months I finally finished "some" of my ship art.

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Each are in different mediums with a couple that are purely hand digitally painted photographs rather artistically designed with textures and effects. Others are paintings from reference material, and then again there are a couple of rather distinctive vintage style images that were designed to look very old - oh how I love mixing media and using traditional paintings layered with digital effects - it's so much fun and very much like creating one's own movie set with all the different effects that can be worked up. Yes, it takes time, a long time to do it this way, but I find it most rewarding.

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Whilst the image above does not have the tall ship as a main focal point it was an artwork where I wanted really saturated oranges and yellows, so what to do? Set the harbor on fire :)

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After the passionate fury of fire there is a need for softness, so a short trip into cooler and softer territory is the answer to the artwork above. It was rewarding to play with tones and colors that created different moods, and for me, blue is certainly a cooler,softer mood than the rather warmer images.

The following art print is definitely a vintage work, or faux vintage as none of it is true vintage being as it's created this year! Regardless, the map you can see reasonably clearly is very old and is deeply integrated with the image itself.

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If you look very carefully you will see that the ship in the second image and the ship in the last image are one and the same - amazing what can be done when the mind is allowed to be free. It's a wonderful feeling to be creative and every day I create something I am so grateful to my parents for having handed me such a gift. :)

To better see the artworks, you can click on them and view larger versions and even click and zoom in to see details.

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