Thursday, 16 October 2014

Painting And My Longing For Storms And Skies

No, I don't mean I literally wish to live in constant storms, but I have a deep fascination with how they affect the sky during different phases of the storm or even a simple change in weather pattern.  Take the below as an example -:

Romanovna Fine Art: Abstract Expressionism Realism Art &emdash; Eye Of The Storm

These are the type of images I love to paint.  Either that or my creative brain is going through a change of wanting to paint sky after sky.  I've no idea of where these thoughts come from, or even the longing to keep doing this, but it seems my fascination with skies is quite deeply embedded.  I don't really see anything wrong with it.  Some people only ever paint flowers or landscapes, so here is me wanting to paint skies.  

Is there such a thing as a sky painter?  Personally I've not heard of one, which may just place me in the strange category, but I think most people have worked out I'm a wee bit different by now, and if they haven't then they have now :)  

What would you think of an artist who wanted to paint skies and nothing but the sky?  I don't mean I'd never have a little bit of landscape below, but that would by no means be my focal point, so I'm interested in what others think.   These skies would be done in oils - I really cannot see myself getting into skies in pastels or mixing too many mediums with skies.  Besides, I want a thick and juicy impasto look.  

So whether you're an artist or just anyone who has an opinion, please share it.  What would you think of a sky painter?