Friday, 3 October 2014

Vintage Cracked Rose - My Love Of Vintage Art Continues

Romanovna Fine Art: Flowers &emdash; Vintage Cracked Rose

Vintage Cracked Rose is an artistic representation of a highly processed photograph of a beautiful super macro rose. It was originally red but I was seeking an image that represented the changing of eras but still within keeping of the beauty of the rose. Black and White, or even sepia seems to hit that sweet spot for me. The image is post processed to create a film grained and cracked appearance which is rather 3D in appearance. A very vintage style natural hand created cracked texture has been placed in between layers of grain and cracks giving an old, and yet still very modern appearance.

If you wish to purchase a print of the absolutely stunningly beautiful vintage cracked rose you can click the link below and simply make your selection :)