Thursday, 23 October 2014

Vintage Fruit Preserves - The Prints Plus Free Textures Just For You

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Vintage Fruit And Vegetable Preserves are a few painted photographs of selected vegetables and fruit where color delights the senses and the tastebuds. All colors are very slightly muted to create a Vintage era effect where more people preserved what they grew or shared in towns and villages.

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There is very little extreme fine detail as I wanted the overall effect of color and aged authenticity to dominate - besides which, ordinary food images are bountiful and I like to be au contraire and really do love the vintage era.

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I hope you like my luscious jars of fruits and vegetables and think about making some of your own, and if not - there's always a print. :)

Art Prints

Textures - you like free textures? Of course, who doesn't?

The textures you can click on - this will take you to my website and click the image again and download "full size resolution". They are quite large and all are rather vintage in style. I hope some of my readers enjoy these, and if so, please share my blog post around so that others can also benefit.

Romanovna Fine Art: Free Textures &emdash; Vintage Shimmer Paper

Romanovna Fine Art: Free Textures &emdash; Floral Grunge

Romanovna Fine Art: Free Textures &emdash; Vintage Golden Brocade

Romanovna Fine Art: Free Textures &emdash; Vintage Blue

Enjoy and remember to share :)

Have a great weekend,