Friday, 2 September 2016

Self Confessed Elitist Classical Musician Admits Defeat - Within Reason!

Strange title you think? Perhaps, then again this is supposed to be my art blog, correct and music is art.

For anyone who knows me well or has read between the lines on my biography they will soon get the correct idea that I am also a musician - but not the type I wish to discuss at this moment.

Earlier this year I had a three month long cancer scare [it took that long to get clearance] and during that time any art I created was always done without the usual classical passion of Beethoven, Verdi or Puccini behind me; shock of all shocks but much of my art is created to requiems! Instead I turned to a more sedate art form in a musical sense and immersed myself in the music of Jazz Singer William Price King.

In stating I was/still am :) a musical elitist as regards classical music wasn't for my lack of trying to find something different to fill the void I was born with - and other than actually performing oneself, we naturally turn to others - who wants to listen to themselves all the time or listen to heavy classics because most music sounds like [fill in the blanks as I have no words] engineered.

One problem for me. I know what is done with sound recordings and how fake they can truly be, but when I hear a voice I know it without question or doubt. To get past my classical music elitism took a real voice - beautiful emotion, near perfect timing, excellent pitch and especially the correct vowels on high notes - any singer knows there is a ghastly passaggio that simply has to be modified to "get to the top". William Price King - he hit the spot on all counts and for once I don't wish he was a classical singer - well, perhaps for one or two pieces.

He has a beautiful album out on itunes called "Home" and I listen to it repeatedly, so much so that I recently went into a flurry of musical art!

The album is so beautiful - passionate, tasteful and shows a great honor to his study of music.

The "teaser" video below does not permit you to hear the complete beauty of William's voice, but it is a good teaser.

Artwork inspired by this wonderful singer -:

Photography Prints

And the above is actually a variation of the painting below - ah, being a mixed media artist I can mess up my own art!

Photography Prints

I sincerely hope you check out the music of William Price King - you won't be disappointed.

Happy Weekend - almost here :)


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