Thursday, 11 December 2014

Fine Art Photography Of Hugo Bussen - Featured Artist

A Masterful Life In Imagery

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Hugo Bussen is a Dutch Master at his craft of photography with a career that spans over 40 years. His work has been exhibited in many countries around the world as well as being a published photographer in many art magazines.
Mr Bussen does not go into lengthy detail about himself; it's one of the most interesting things about this particular artist and his photography; he lets the work speak for itself, and speak it does. I'm sure many of you have heard the words "If a picture paints a thousand words", and that describes, at least for me, Hugo Bussen's Mastery of his craft. His photography speaks emotively and romantically in soft tones which are neither too feminine or too masculine. Hugo Bussen has the Mastery of touch which completely balances the Yin and Yang of his craft.
The still life art pictured above is a classic example of an artist stirring the viewers imagination of tables romantically laden with vases of softly perfumed flowers and tender arrangements all in gentle lighting.

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With Landscapes Hugo Bussen is equally as Masterful in his craft as he is in the Still Life Photography. Can you feel the air as you walk? Can you feel the chill or the warmth, can you smell the delight of forests and woods? Look at the light, the atmosphere that calls you to walk on. It is my opinion that this is the true craftmanship of a photographer - to make people feel something; smell something; remember something - anything that is beautifully haunting because Hugo Bussen's artwork is unforgettable.
In closing I shall leave you with a most romantic castle and please, make yourself a cup of your favorite brew and take out 15 minutes from your day to explore the beauty of Hugo Bussen's Portfolio where Prints can be Purchased from a site I can personally vouch for as being extremely high quality. Click the link below the castle.

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My most gracious thanks goes to Hugo Bussen for granting me permission to feature his Fine Art.
-Zeana Romanovna