Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Poppy Art - I Love Poppies!

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Poppy Flowers At Dusk is an acrylic and oil painting which has been highly textured with grungy warm colors and then layered with impasto thick oil paint! There are so many poppy paintings around which are very daylight beautiful, and I have already done those myself, that this time I wanted poppy art to be warm and darker, more quiet then usual. That being said, I adore poppies no matter how they come :)

Here are some I have done in the past.

Art Prints

All of these are mixed media.

Photography Prints

The next is one that is a dedication to Frederic Leighton as I painted his lady [literally reproduced her] from the painting Flaming June where he sought to show the tiniest link between sleep and death.

I only see life in poppies and to sleep in a field of poppies would be my delight.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend!