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A Girl Who Will Be Queen

I have had the greatest pleasure recently of being asked to be a content tester. A content tester is someone who tries to compose an image from many different pieces of work - and I mean many pieces.

As the pieces are all from around the renaissance period I was most interested and then delighted to be doing something different, but no, this doesn't get me away from the studies I am committed to this year, but it does let my brain have a rest from thinking, thinking, imagining - well, imagine 3,000 tabs of your browser open at once. That is what it can be like being inside my head of late. :)

The work at the top is the second I have created with lots of bits and pieces. If you happen to like it, please retweet it for me as eventually I hope to offer these for sale.

With all the study I am currently doing I don't have a lot of time to write in my blog as I would like, but when I do I hope there is at least some type of artwork you might just like to see! Have a g…

Colorful Bird Art

"Shake Shake Shake" - A Magnificent Macaw Photographed, Printed then Mixed with Oil Paints, scanned and digitally worked into a Modern, Contemporary, and very Bold Artwork of a most colorful bird.

Expressionism is becoming more a love of mine as I mature in my art and I felt there was no better way to show off some of it with this explosion of color! I had so much enjoyment creating this bird!

I had two assignments I had to fulfill this week, one a painting and another a photoshop assignment, who would have thought an artist could make one work go for two assignments? Ssssh :)

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Put Art On A Pillow

I never thought I'd be interested in offering my art for sale on throw pillows among other things but changed my mind thinking that some people would like to have a print with matching throw pillows - nit everyone, but certainly some do! From Vintage Faces Of Yesteryear-:

Soft Blue Semi-Abstract Imaging -:
   To Vivid Nature Abstracts-:

 Beautiful Architecture from around the world -:

 Or Go Sassy and Modern! -:
 Then the soft and tender, rather classic spring look -:

 Better yet, why not come see all my Throw Pillows and Prints! :)

 Have a very Happy Weekend! Georgiana

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Painting Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Ode To Bierstadt is definitely not a reproduction per se, but rather a "close" to and inspired by Bierstadt's work - Bierstadt himself was quite the idealist and being one myself I further romantisized his painting with more true to life colors, although still keeping the dreamy atmosphere - Bierstadt's style was very realistc but my interpretation is very impressionistic unless one stands right back from the work.

I certainly dedicate and attribute this to Bierstadt, but I'm none too sure he would approve :)

Albert Bierstadts Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California is a scenic canvas oil painting on display at the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC. Created in 1868, this enormous painting is approximately six by ten feet in size (Honour and Fleming, 2000).

The subject matter of this piece is typical of Bierstadt, who is known for his detailed landscapes, especially those of the Rockies and Sierras of the American West. Coll…