Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Put Art On A Pillow

I never thought I'd be interested in offering my art for sale on throw pillows among other things but changed my mind thinking that some people would like to have a print with matching throw pillows - nit everyone, but certainly some do! From Vintage Faces Of Yesteryear-: showthrowpillowpreview  

Soft Blue Semi-Abstract Imaging -: showthrowpillowpreview (2)
   To Vivid Nature Abstracts-: showthrowpillowpreview (1)  

 Beautiful Architecture from around the world -: showthrowpillowpreview (3)  

 Or Go Sassy and Modern! -: showthrowpillowpreview (5)  
 Then the soft and tender, rather classic spring look -: showthrowpillowpreview (4)

 Better yet, why not come see all my Throw Pillows and Prints! :)

 Have a very Happy Weekend! Georgiana

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