Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Heaven On Earth Landscape Art

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Scenic landscape of Lake District National Park with cloudscape and sunset background, Cumbria, England.
Photo taken on: May 22nd, 2011

Heaven On Earth has a title partially due to a customer suggesting that name for another work of mine with a very stormy sky and I decided to use the name on this work.
The scene is located in Cambria, England, and is a mixture of very heavy impasto painting and pure digital freehand painting.
I wanted to capture that sense of an oncoming storm, but with the land still lit warmly around the horizon where light will still warm some of the land making for interesting dynamics between landscape beauty and sky beauty - both of which I would usually do separately, but not this time.

This is extremely impressionistic but you might have to click and zoom in to see all the paint strokes as the print is extra large and looks more realistic at a small size, or greater distance. The bigger the print the more impressionistic it will appear and vice versa.

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Have a very happy and peaceful weekend.


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