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Path Of Dreams Art Print

Path Of Dreams - Photographic Compositing of a multitude of images with mild artistic photographic darkroom treatment for lighting and color effects.

Always follow your dreams and you will be happy.

Buy Art Prints by Georgiana Romanovna Mixed Media Artist. Mixed Media Digital, Traditional and Photographic Art Encompassing Design, Original Paintings, and Vector Artwork.

Art Which Is Colorful And Bold, Sedate Or Classic. Contemporary Landscapes, Abstracts, Flowers, Portraits, Vintage Reproductions, Fractals, Still Life, Impressionistic Paintings and much more.

Art for All your Decor and Decorative needs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Romanovna Fine Art

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Vintage Style Rose Collection

Who doesn't love roses? Who doesn't love? No one that I know of so this week I spent some time going through my photography collection that is gradually increasing in size to far too many megabytes to keep up with. I seem to take pictures and rarely think to use the actual images other than for reference material.

This week is different! I have six Vintage Style rose images which are all rather emotive in title. Whether they are about romantic love, friendship love, or something with a deeper meaning is up to the viewer to decide.

I hope you enjoy this unique collection.

The Roses Collection is available as fine art prints. Simply click the images to view larger versions and purchase.

Romanovna Fine Art

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Renoir-My Dedication

Woman With A Parasol After Renoir - Dedication and Study. No, she was not chasing after Renoir :)

Scan of my painting. Dedication In Honor of Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Many years ago I purchased the rights to print and/or paint from a select group of past Masters. In life, other than on internet, I have sold many of these as oil paintings and am only now deciding to release a few for purchase as prints, or merely for viewing pleasure. Many are freehand digitally painted, and some are oils, but I will not be releasing the original images I purchased as nothing of me went into those, and I see no honor or dedication in such. All took me over 100 hours each to faithfully reproduce to the very best of my ability. When studying, this was part of my fine art studies and for me, it is not only an honor to do, it has also been a massive and intensive learning curve. I hope you enjoy viewing these works reproduced by my hand in honor, and dedication, to past Masters who showed we artists to fol…

Heavenly Art That's Scented

I was reading about blog posting the other day and they said that a catchy headline gets views. I get a lot of views so I'm not complaining, but I'm no conversationalist :( so I thought my title might attract - it might go the other way too!

This week I have 3 special promotions on my art - very discounted and yet 3 of my favorite sellers.

So where do you get them and see the amazingly discounted offer? You have to click the images!

As for my title, I reason it this way - Angels are heavenly and flowers really do smell.

Please Visit My Art!

Romanovna Fine Art

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