Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Flowers Flora and Nature Art Prints

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Of late I have worked on completing a great deal of artworks that were part done and left incomplete. This often happens when illness strikes or other matters interfere with that resonance within that many of us understand.

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The past week I finished up some floral works in a rather impressionistic style and yet still tried to keep them real enough to be seen as to what they are.

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Many times in my art I tend to want to create "moods" within. This is not a deliberate act, but rather something I feel, and yet at times it just doesn't happen, and other times it does, but it's interesting to see when it does and it makes me happy just to see the moody images appear before me (with a lot of work).

Art Prints

I guess my only wish is that I could make this happen at will, but clearly it takes practice even if the natural intent is there. Practice, practice practice!

I hope you all enjoy my venture into flowers and nature - I've kind of neglected flora of late, but I feel art for me is cyclic in subject. There's no reason behind it; just whimsical feelings.

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