Thursday, 11 August 2016

Beautiful and Fun Cat Art Prints

Art Prints

Seriously You Have Issues - is a fun artwork of a beautiful cat with what can only be described as rather condescending - and cats really can do this - they can appear as if they look down upon their owners who adore them. There is a black and white version of this work, just for those who might not like my ultra modern kitty cat color up!

Photography Prints

I Love To Pounce And Scratch Your Feet Cat Art is a photographic artwork with added textures, effects and lighting to create a rather determined appearance on the cat's face and in his eyes. How do I know cats love to pounce and scratch? Been there done that - always with the cat hiding under my bad when I made it. :)

Photography Prints

I Only Have Eyes For You Cat Art is an painted photograph with added texture in the minimal background. The cats eyes speak of love and adoration for his owner - he loves - his food - a lap, and whatever else suits him.

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