Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Art Of Fish

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Angel Fish In A Row Wall Art is comprised of painting and scanning, putting the artwork together and enhancing the work for a spatial, airy approach. I really do love fish and think they make exquisite subjects for artwork, in fact I find them as full of character as I do other animals and birds.
Nature is beautiful!

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Fishing Trip Sepia Version is a minimal style whimsical artwork created with acrylic and scanned materials representing the reaction of a fish being caught. The fish that has been caught is the younger of the two and the other fish appears none too pleased.
Whimsical, lighthearted with airy colors and modern sepia tones.

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Big Fish Little Fish is a bright and cheerful mixed media painted and scanned media put together to form a slighly minimalist approach for creating wide open spaces. Or alternatively, you could have them for dinner :)

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Fish Love Whimsical Wall Art created with acrylic painting, scanned fish, and photographic clouds with vector design heart for the fishy love.
This is slightly minimal in approach but still maintains a light and airy open appearance with light tones and colors.

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