Thursday, 29 June 2017

Autumn Walk On The Promenade

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Autumn Walk On The Promenade
Acrylic,Soft Pastel and Charcoal on primed fine canvas.

A sunny autumn walk on the French promenade near the Louvre. Originally painted by Claude Monet in a more subdued manner.

You will find these works in other galleries, but I also believe they deserve a gallery of their own in honor of the master's who taught me by the heritage they left to each of us. Many years ago I purchased the rights to print and/or paint from a select group of past Masters. In life, other than on internet, I have sold many of these as oil paintings and am only now deciding to release a few for purchase as prints, or merely for viewing pleasure. Many are freehand digitally painted, and others are oils, but I will not be releasing the original reference images I purchased as nothing of me went into those, and I see no honor or dedication in such

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