Saturday, 17 June 2017

Romantic Forest Walk In The Rain Art Print

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Romantic Forest Walk In The Rain
Landscape painting in oil glazes of a couple walking in a beautiful tree laden forest in the rain. Water puddles and green foliage add to the beauty of the tree filled scene.

You will find these works in other galleries, but I also believe they deserve a gallery of their own in honor of the master's who taught me by the heritage they left to each of us. Many years ago I purchased the rights to print and/or paint from a select group of past Masters. In life, other than on internet, I have sold many of these as oil paintings,pastels and acrylics and am only now deciding to release a few for purchase as prints.

Please contact me if you would like a reproduction work painted for you as I take commissions on a regular basis. I don't believe for one second I have done one of these Masters their due, but it was a most beautiful pleasure to try.

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